I had sex in VR – Experience report to the Tokyo Adult VR Show

It’s a sunny Wednesday here in Tokyo. The night was good. Kim Yong Un still hasn’t sent us a bomb, which we can be happy about every day. Today we go to Shibuya, to an old abandoned hospital. There the Tokyo Adult VR Show takes place and developers present their VR Experiences for adults. I am very excited.

I had sex in VR

The last time this show was, it was so crowded that the organizers had to cancel the event. This time, however, the address from the venue was only given to people who could purchase one of the coveted 500 tickets in advance online. All visitors were also divided into five groups, which should have access at different times.

I was there two hours before the official start with the local Japanese press. The abandoned hospital is a bit run down, but that gives the whole show a great backdrop. Armed with a press bracelet I now have five floors with VR experiences for adults in front of me.

The tension continues to rise

At first I landed in an operating theatre, which presented fetish VR stories. I get a gear VR put on and a lovely virtual young Japanese lady stretches her feet towards me. I fast-forward, but it always goes on like this. Sometimes with pantyhose and sometimes without. The resolution is fine but in the end it was just a small VR video produced by an established vr studio, which is a bit above the quality of the Samsung Gear VR. I can also buy the movies on DVD, but I leave that for now and look into the next rooms.

A company also showed a vest that simulates a woman standing on you. So in the truest sense of the word. During the demonstration I put on the vest and mobile VR glasses and afterwards a 360 degree video was played showing a woman beating me on the chest and in the stomach. The system already works very well, but for me it is rather no enrichment for my sex life.

Tokyo Adult VR Show

A few exhibitors further on, an adult movie company brought along a porn actress to perform a little show that I can watch with HTC Vive. She sits behind a cloth in front of a 180 degree camera and I see the picture in the Vive live and hear her whispering into my ear. We talk and I try to be charming with my broken Japanese. That’s really nice because it’s just a direct interaction. It’s certainly only a matter of time before many cam websites will switch to VR.

Find out more: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/things-to-do/virtual-reality-in-tokyo

In the next room are two actresses from a well-known adult website in Japan called Man Zoku. You can watch the actresses’ movies with Gear VRs or other mobile VR headsets while the nice ladies crawl one’s back or play around with a massage stick.

So it goes on. Past realistic rubber breasts to the many developers who bring Japanese cartoon characters to life with their software. Usually all interactive VR experiences are knitted according to the following pattern:

  1. Modify a character (similar to role-playing games)
  2. Position the character and interact with it. (However, the interaction possibilities are relatively limited)
  3. If you get bored, you can change the positions and conjure up a camera in the VR experience with which you can capture the best poses of the character as pictures.

But we should mention a company that offers software that receives position data from the smartphone and passes it on to the virtual character. Up and down goes quite well with this control and the software also gets position changes well on the line.

All in all the show is very interesting and it is clear that the horizontal entertainment will also take place in the virtual reality soon.